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Rules for the Marina

  1. Boat owners applying for a docking space permit claiming residency or taxpayer status of Brookhaven Town must have a current year DPM sticker. Stickers can only be obtained through the Town of Brookhaven Parks Department.

  2. A permit granted by the Town of Brookhaven shall not be reassigned or transferred. Slip holders may not sublease the space assigned or allow any other person to dock, moor or otherwise use such space. Davis Park Marina, LLC reserves the right to resell/oversell slips at any time, without recourse.

  3. Holders of daily slips may remove their boat at any time and return prior to expiration of the payment and continue to be located in the same slip or berth. If a slip holder leaves and returns, the slip holder may secure the slip or berth with one line. The line shall be from piling to dock. Lines from pilings to pilings are prohibited. Slips may be tied off ONLY after payment for the slip is made.

  4. Dockage and electric are due on a daily basis. These rates are to be paid within one hour of arrival. Dockage fees are charged on a per foot per day scale. Electrical fees are due for each/ partial day a boat is attached to shore power. Electrical connection is to one boat only. Check out time is 9:00 am.

  5. Anyone found opening or tampering with an electrical stanchion will be cited and removed from the marina. Do not open stanchions.

  6. Quiet hours must be maintained between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. Hawking, soliciting, posting signs, or distribution of advertising is prohibited.

  7. Swimming, bathing, wading, water skiing, camping, tents, pools or structures of any kind are prohibited. Boats shall operate at a speed no greater than 4 MPH in the marina (no wake). 

  8. A slip holder with a boat 25 feet or over may tie off a boat/ inflatable no longer than 12 feet. Crafts over 12 feet or additional said owned crafts will be charged accordingly. The craft(s) must not interfere with adjacent slips or be more than 8 feet into the basin/ marina. 

  9. Slip holders shall not allow other boaters to moor or tie up their boats (no rafting).

  10. The discharge of any type of sanitary waste is a Federal offense and prohibited within the marina.

  11. Barbecues are permitted in designated areas not on docks or boats. Grills are to be removed from the marina each time the slip holder leaves. Grills attached to any marina property will be removed and discarded at the boat owners expense.

  12. Fires of any type, for any purpose, and devices used to support or maintain fires, are prohibited in the Marina. Main walkways in the marina from edge to edge must be kept free of any and all objects and obstacles. No tents greater than 8 ft x 8 ft will be allowed. All structures must be removed when owner is not staying on the boat.

  13. Slip assignments are at the discretion of the Dockmaster or designee and may be denied without recourse. A permit and/ or slip may be revoked to any boater that has unpaid fees, is disruptive, makes unauthorized slip changes, violates the rules, or simply due to boat size cannot be accommodated.

  14. Acceptance of a permit creates a presumption the permit holder has read Chapter 10, Section 29, (Town Marinas) of Brookhaven Town Code, and the rules set forth herein, and agrees to abide thereby.

  15. Generators are prohibited! If a generator must be used… the boat owner must inform the dock master before usage.

  16. Any Boater providing alcohol to DPM employees will be removed from the marina indefinitely.

Explanation of Davis Park Marina Specials

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Special - $1.25 per foot. Available all year no matter what season.

  • Shoulder Season Friday Special - $1.25 per foot. Available only on Friday during shoulder season. Peak season is from June 15  to September 8.

  • Friday Weekender - $1.25 per foot. Available after 5:00 pm coupled with a standard Saturday & Sunday stay.

  • Frequent Floater Special - One free day is available to the individual boat owner who has been at the marina for 12 Standard or Brookhaven Resident rate days in the same season. The individual boat owner must present 12 paid same season Standard or Brookhaven Resident rate days marina receipts to the Dockmaster to receive this award. It is the boat owner’s responsibility to save and present these receipts. This award is not transferable and cannot be shared with another boater.

Insurance and Hold Harmless Clause

"All boats docked at the Davis Park Marina must have hull and liability insurance in effect at all times while docked here. The use of the Davis Park Marina dockage facilities is strictly at the boat owner's risk. Davis Park Marina, LLC assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the safety of any vessel while docked or anchored in adjoining waters. The Davis Park Marina, LLC will not be liable for fire, theft, or storm damage to any vessel, its equipment or any property on or around said vessel."

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